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What Goes On Tour

What goes on tour, stays on tour. Doesn’t it? 


It’s that time of year again. The annual lads’ golf trip. Sun. Sea but not usually Sex. For Steve it’s a much-needed break from work – and his wife, Lucy. Lucy’s at home with their two small children, mired in half-eaten fish fingers and laundry. She’s just not as much fun as she was. But Steve, handsome and successful, if easily led, won’t stray. Will he? 

Andy shouldn’t be on the trip at all; work has dried up and he’s skint. And when his feet touch back down on UK soil he’ll find Sophie has been keeping her dark secret from him – and they’re both in for a surprise! 

Callum has been dreading the trip; he’s overwhelmed at work and is about to get the sack. Maggie, his oh-so-perfect wife, has no idea that their world is about to shatter… 


Myles Single, minted, ruthless. Organiser of this year’s tour. He’s decided to inject some ‘life’ into the proceedings, with no idea how dangerous an iPhone in the wrong hands can be.

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"Sam is a great observer of people - how they want to be and how they really are. Thats what makes this such a hugely enjoyable book - you feel that you know the people - warts and all - but they are described with such humour and compassion that you really end up caring about them. Its very sexy and wickedly funny and if the twist at the end doesn't make you laugh out loud then it too close to home for comfort."  



Text Me No Lies

Check out five star reviews and purchase on Amazon Kindle

 Maggie Dunbar has never been on a girl’s trip, unless you include a WI visit to the Chelsea Flower Show. Her hairdresser is astounded.  He never had her down as “that sort of woman!”. She has no idea what he’s talking about.

Simon and Tracey Lewis need a break from each other. He doesn’t trust her and she's not sure whether she's still in love with him. Can a few days apart get their marriage back on track or do secret admirers have other plans.

Lucy Sinclair is going too and husband Steve is nervous. It’s not that he doesn’t want her to go, she needs a break from the house and kids. The problem is that Maggie is going and he’s hoping that she’ the only wife on the trip that knows about those photos; the photos from the last boy’s trip that he’s certain could land him in the divorce court.

The only saving grace for Steve, is that he and Maggie have an understanding, as he knows a little secret about her and the minted charmer Myles Cavendish, that could finally send her depressed husband over the edge.

But can women really be trusted when they’ve had too many cocktails?

Or men be trusted to look after the kids?

 And if uninvited guests turn up, how many more secrets will find their way to the surface?

Two days, ten women and far too many Jagerbombs.

What could possibly go wrong?

For signed copies, £9.99 includes postage and packing

 "written with a true insight into human nature , by an intelligent writer with empathy and understanding for her characters .. leaves the reader feeling bereft and wanting more , a book in which one can escape into ."

Release Date

Friday 25th January



When Thor Thorogood set himself up as a Personal Trainer in Glasgow’s West End, he never bargained on becoming a relationship counsellor, especially as he can’t even manage to sort his own relationship out. Jess just can’t understand that setting up a business means his clients must come first and that he’s not, despite the rumours, sleeping with them all.

At 27, Kyle Cameron is a self-confessed ‘loser’. An ex-footballer retired through injury, he’s slowly slipped into the lonely world of re-runs of Breaking Bad, litre bottles of Coke and takeaway pizzas. According to Thor, he’s borderline obese although he only had to look in a mirror to know that. Kyle’s desperate for a date, but he can’t even get a green heart on Blender. Thor never thought that was possible. But now smitten with his beautiful and bubbly work colleague Kelsey, Kyle is on a mission to lose weight, get fitter than Fraser, the posh, floppy-haired graduate intern and become more than just her office best friend.

Maggie Dunbar is having an affair and so is her lawyer husband Callum. But it’s stalemate. He knows that she knows, and she knows that he knows, but he has no idea it’s the man he hates most in the world, the minted English charmer, Myles Cavendish. When he does find out, Maggie is well aware that the fall-out will be huge. In an attempt to keep control of her life, Maggie’s signed up with Thor, desperate to keep her new man interested and finally get an “arse of iron”. Callum, however, has Thor as his prime suspect.

Rachael Haig isn’t having an affair, but she’d like one. She’s told her husband of “19 wasted years!” Rex, that she wants a divorce but he’s ignoring her. He has no desire to move out, he can’t even make beans on toast and he refuses to acknowledge that his drinking is getting out of hand. Never having been near a gym in her life and now menopausal and overweight, Rachael needs all the help she can get to resist the Vino Blanco and the double-choc muffins in the works canteen but supported by Maggie, she’s purchased pink leggings and Tenna Ladies and handed herself over to Thor.

But can Thor keep them all motivated, especially when the novelty wears off, the weight loss gets harder and the going starts to really get tough.

And when Callum and Rex secretly sign up to training sessions in an attempt to catch him out, Thor finds both his conscience, his affection for Maggie and Rachael and his confidentiality clause, tested to the absolute limit.

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