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I was raised in Witney, Oxfordshire, graduated from Aberystwyth University, and now live beside the beautiful Moray Firth in the Scottish Highlands. A battle hardened survivor of dragging up three boys, on realising that I was never going to be a Dance Mom, (just as well as I’m rubbish at hair and make-up), I instead qualified to coach junior football, cricket and golf, worked for several years in Sports Development and I now claim to be an expert on all things manly, including the offside rule. The men in my life fiercely debate that claim and regularly question my ability to coach anything.

While writing this bio, I asked her Mr D and no 2 son to describe me: complex, feisty, easily irritated, rebellious and opinionated were some of the more complimentary replies. My best friend, however, offered glamorous, witty and intelligent. That’s what friends are for!

Now resigned to receiving one- word text messages, talking to brick walls and not being allowed to take myself seriously, I desperately try to see the funny side of life especially now I’m the wrong side of fifty. 

When I’m not trying to find time to write, in between picking up boxer shorts from the bathroom floor, trying to match socks and cleaning toilets, I love to turn up the tunes and I’m happiest when dancing in an empty house. Also love walking and swimming in the sea with my wee black lab Roxy, travel, film and sunsets and striving to stay fit and healthy in order to enjoy the rest of my life.  I keep ploughing on with the personal trainer, love yoga, play a reluctant but sometimes reasonable round of golf and couldn’t live without my Nutri Bullet, hair straighteners an annual trip to Ibiza and the occasional Martini. 


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