You just can't beat the feeling...

of finally holding your finished book in your hand, all shiny and new and straight out of the box. Because it basically represents a lot of blood, sweat and tears, well ok, not so much of the blood and sweat but occasionally a few tears. It also represents finishing what you started even when others think it's a waste of time, keeping going when you hit a brick wall and being prepared to unleash your wee baby into a harsh world where not everyone will be kind.

It's not easy being a writer, but when you hold that little bundle of 370 pages and 81962 words in your hand, it's a very emotional experience.

So, today I'm raising a quiet glass to me and telling myself that I'm proud of what I've achieved, I might even have a tiny bar of Galaxy. And then tomorrow, I'm heading to Ibiza with little sister for a spell of relaxation, contemplation and quiet celebration.

However, if a Jacaranda Lounge, Crazy Mandy cocktail happens to come my way I won't be saying no, because, quite frankly, I think I'm worth it! 😜

Text Me No lies out now on Amazon Kindle

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