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As I mentioned briefly in my last blog,

I downloaded an app a couple of months ago which I think deserves a mention. Often in the past I've downloaded apps, usually in the health and fitness line, but this one gets my 5 star thumbs up. As a yoga app it's brilliant, especially as it's free and it is the one app I've used daily and have noticed huge benefits. Even if you don't know your bound locust from your corkscrew or your butterfly from your tabletop, this app is for you.

Down Dog has five levels from Beginner 1 through to Advanced ( I advise you not to look at that first for obvious reasons) and is perfect for use basically anywhere you can find room. The big plus for me is being able to set the session length anywhere between 10 and 45 minutes, so even if time is short, there's no excuse for avoiding some well deserved self love and affection. The instructions are clear, (even for the left/right challenged like myself), beautifully and soothingly delivered and the background music is always good. As you can tell, I love it.

The other obvious benefit is that you can fit it in with your lifestyle. I do enjoy organised classes and don't get me wrong, good qualified yoga instructors are worth their weight in gold, but I felt I needed more than one session a week and it didn't always fit in with my plans. For example I prefer a wake up session in the morning as it sets me up for the day and gets me moving. I'll also occasionally do a fifteen minute session if I've been sitting at a computer or even after a gym class, just to loosen everything up. If your job involves driving and lonely hotel rooms, what could be better at the end of a long day than just whipping out your phone and getting to grips with your angel wings. With this app, the world is your cobra!

What I especially love is that no one is watching you, or more importantly, judging you, although in this day and age, they could be laughing at me from the other side of the screen, who would know? If Alexa can read your mind, anything is possible. And of course, you can curse, swear, groan, declare a move impossible or occasionally fart and no one will care. It will all remain strictly between you and your yoga mat.

I won't go into any detail as to the benefits of this 10,000 year old health system, I think it's longevity speaks for itself and the information is all out there on the net. What I will say though, is that as we get older, strength, flexibility and balance are crucial to our well being as we dont want to fall over and break in our later years. Interestingly,when you start using the app, you will immediately become aware of all your stiff bits and inflexible bits, the tight bits and barely movable bits, but as you listen to your body, you soon realise it's merely trying to tell you something. Usually it's about posture, lack of movement or simply letting stuff go. We all hold our emotional stuff differently but when we start to become aware that we might have an issue, we can start to deal with it.

So as its free, you've got absolutely nothing to lose, apart from possibly forking out for a yoga mat if you've got a hard floor. You won't even lose your dignity, because as I've said, no one is watching. And if you do start, please try and keep going . By doing a daily session I've noticed huge benefits and moves that I thought difficult or even impossible three months ago are now a whole lot easier. I have since purchased the app as I am of the opinion that if you love something so much, you should give something back. A lot of work went into it and as I'm using it every day I feel I should now hand over some cash as a reward. The benefit when you purchase is that you can tailor the sessions to your needs, ie if you want more hip flexibility or need to stretch out the shoulders, Down Dog is there for you.

I'm now onto Beginner 2. So proud!

Good luck and Namaste 🙏

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