Trust Me, I'm a Personal Trainer


is finally finished but don't get excited yet, as I'm now ploughing through it all again, re-reading, tweaking and correcting, making sure it's as good as I can get it before sending it off to a proper editor, who will probably tweak it all over again. But it's finished, I have written The End in big bold letters, and hopefully Thor Thorogood will shortly be unleashed on the world, just in time to weadle his way into your Christmas stockings.

And while it's always a good feeling to finish a book, there's always a touch of sadness in saying goodbye for a while, to characters that you have spent a lot of time with in your head, getting insde their minds, talking their talk and bringing their world to life. I even made myself cry writing this one, and its not even supposed to be sad, but I've now got a real soft spot for Kyle Cameron, the self confessed loser who simply wants to find a bit of romance. Whether he does or not, I'm obviously not divulging, but I'm sure he'll reappear again in another tale further down the line, because that is the joy of creating many different characters whose lives intertwine; it leaves so many options for spin off stories. To keep everyone happy, I've hung onto Maggie and Callum Dunbar and Myles Cavendish in Trust Me, as well as Rachael and Rex Haig, but interestingly, I'm still getting asked to write more about Tracey and Simon Lewis, the love rat Guy Montgomery and Simon's stalker Susie, who I of course left hanging in London, in Text Me no Lies. It won't be the next book; I've already started that, but its definitely not off the agenda.

But lets talk about Thor, because in my mind, Thor Thorogood, Glasgow's Personal Trainer extraordinaire, is definitely here to stay; for in the nature of his work, the opportunity for creating new characters and interactions are endless. I do, in fact, go to a personal trainer and I'm sure I must shortly be eligible for a long service award, as if my memory serves me right, I first started putting myself through the ringer just over five years ago, as the dreaded fifitieth birthday was approaching. With hormones kicking in and aches and pains increasing, I gave myself a talking to and decided that I didn't want to shuffle pathetically into old age; I wanted to be fit enough to enjoy the second half of my life, because quite frankly, there is still so much of the world I want to see. I also had no desire to be at the mercy of an increasingly overstretched NHS and end up taking a cocktail of drugs that should only be required if I didnt take the responsibility for my health into my own hands. So I signed up with my own Thor, mainly because, having broken both my wrists playing indoor cricket, (basically by throwing myself at a brick wall trying to show off in front of the boys and score the winning run,) I was in need of some guidance. Knowing myself well enough, I didn't want to thrash about in the gym and cause more damage; an expert was required.

And it was one of the best decisions I've ever made, because I know that I wouldn't be as fit as I am now without his support, encouragement, and of course, the dreaded weekly weigh in. I certainly wouldn't have been pulling a tyre around a running track, running up sand dunes or pulling him up hills with a harness. I would also have probably injured myself and given up. Even when I've been feeling crap, he's pulled me back up and by now he probably knows me better than I know myself. Because that's what good trainers do. Encourage you when you need encouraging and bollock you when you're just being a wimp. And Thor Thorogood as a character has all those qualities and that's why he'll last the course. He's too good to leave after one book.

So who knows where Thor, Maggie, Myles and Kyle will head next. I'm sure they'll be back soon, but in the meantime I've started a new book, about three mature ladies who decide to try internet dating. Click Me a Man for Christmas is now underway, and hopefully will be ready for next November. As you can imagine, I'm already having a lot of fun with this one; my hubby said the chat during a lesson in tinder dating from my friends daughter, was hilarious, especially as I have a problem with left and right. Unfortunately I managed to left swipe a rather handsome creative type and apparently you have to upgrade to unswipe. I think she forgave me but it's certainly a strange old world out there and I've merely scraped the surface. Lord knows where this may lead me but I have a feeling it's going to be interesting.

So I'll keep you informed. I'll let you know as soon as Trust Me is available and if you subscribe to my website, you'll have the opportunity to get it half price on release day. I'm hoping for the end of November, so fingers crossed. Thor Thorogood is nearly ready to face the world and trust me, with Maggie and Rachael on his client list, he'll need the patience of a saint.

I'll be in touch soon.

Sam Derbyshire is the author of What Goes on Tour, Text Me No Lies and Trust Me, I'm a Personal Trainer.

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